Keats Community Library (KCL) opened its doors on the 17th April 2012 taking over the beautiful building previously known as the Heath Library which was run by Camden Council. The Building is now on the List of Buildings of Special Architectural of Historic Interest as Grade II.

KCL is an independent charity supported by the local Community with funding and over 50 volunteers.

The Charity is overseen by an unpaid Board of Directors acting as Trustees. The current Trustees are: Steven Bobasch (Chair), Simon Brumfit (Apprentice/Intern), Andi Dolia (Treasurer), Jana Harrison (Children's Library) , Victoria Joel (Events and Main Library Stock), Jonathan Nakouzi (IT), Nigel Steward (Secretary), Penelope Vita-Finzi (Volunteers). The President is Lee Monatague, who was a key figure not only in founding KCL but also supporting the Heath Library Friends charity, effectively KCL's predecessor.

Each Board member is given a portfolio of responsibility as shown above. We would welcome applications from anyone who considers they can contribute as a Board Member - with new skills (fundraising for example - or to add to those we have).

The Charity's objectives are to keep the library open, to provide a service which reflects what the local Community wants, to promote literacy generally and to be a welcoming place in the Community.

The library is not static and is very much open to ideas for change - we only ask that they are practical!

KCL is entirely dependant on the local Community for survival in terms of volunteers to run the day to day and associated projects, such as events, as well for financing. If the Community wants to keep its library open, then It is up to the Community to support it.

KCL has to pay market rates for:

  • Using the building with Licence fees to The City of London Corporation (Keats House) for its occupancy of the building
  • Paid apprentices
  • Buying and maintaining the stock of 20,000 books and DVDs
  • Technology to keep running the public computers and Wi-Fi
  • Printer and copiers and the Heritage Library system
  • Room hire for all events outside Library times to the City of London

KCL works closely with, and is supported by, a number of local groups and charities, the Heath and Hampstead Society, the South End Green Association and the Hampstead Summer Festival as well as many residents associations and trader groups.

Keats Community Library was formed on 21st December 2011 as a company limited by guarantee (07889559) and is a UK registered charity (1146702).

Annual Report and Accounts

Our annual financial report is published in September each year and the latest is available for download.

Download the annual report:

2019 Annual Report and accounts